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The Dinner Party the Failed

In Uncategorized on December 6, 2009 at 8:01 am

I made a french onion tart tonight for a few family friends. My sister wanted something French, I have never really made anything french before, but hey this French Onion tart (I can’t remember the French name) looked easy, so away I went…
I started at it, I had to thinly slice 4lbs of onions, that is about enough to make your eyes pop out of your head and turn into fiery balls of goo. Onions are not culinary jewels, they are culinary delves! I couldn’t see half the time, I hate onions! (working with them, I don’t mind eating them cooked.)
Our friends arrive, and I told them that I had made a onion tart, two of them proceded to tell me that they don’t like onions (keep in mind that I am serving about 5 people, so that kills nearly half my group.) So, after we ate a little of , they all “afectonatly” called it “onion pie”. Um. This is a French tart, and I have been working on it for about 2 hours. So no need to tell you I was all but a little distressed. After the guests left, my dad and I were talking and he said “You know if I was serving dinner for someone I wouldn’t serve onion pie”. He was lucky he was out of punching range.
I looked over at my sister and she was smerking, I asked what the problem was (bad idea) “Oh I am just laughing at your onion pie.” This put me over the edge. I went to the kitchen grabbed a large piece of the tart and a leftover bottle of Martinelle’s and ate it in protest. I loved it the tart was amazing, the onions sweet, the crust flaky, the olives salty, all 100% good! I guess I just chose the wrong crowd.

The story of the dinner party that failed.

I would post the recipe, but I doubt that you would want it after hearing that.

I just have to tell myself I learned from my mistake, and I will move on and something good will come out of the “onion pie”.


  1. sounds like the story of my life, except replace the friends with family. Half of my family goes balistic when I'm the one fixing dinner… it always turns out delicious – i just serve the wrong crowd! :/

  2. Teresa,My family isn't a big fan of my food eather. My grandma and I were just talking about how terrrable it is when people don't like the food that we put a ton of effort into. Maybe we should get together, and cook something and enjoy it! =)-M.E.

  3. I would love the recipe!! Sounds perfect for my palette! 🙂

  4. Hey Elizabeth,I would love to send you the recipe, what's your email address?-M.E.

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