Madey Edlin

…"It Never Turns Out"…

In Note on January 2, 2010 at 7:29 pm

I am a complete failure. I made Martha Stewart’s Lemon Pound Cake yesterday, I have made this about 50 times mind you, and this time it just didn’t work, I tried to double the recipe I think that was my problem the chemicals didn’t work right. It was more like sponge, dense brick, with a little lemon tossed somewhere in there, not a lemon pound cake.
So this morning I was eating my breakfast and drinking a large cup of coffee, and looking at the mass amount of lemon mess sitting on the counter, staring at me whispering in my ear, “you are a failure!” as if the cake didn’t rub it in enough, my dad came into the kitchen and asked, “why doesn’t any of your food ever turn out?” Now mind you I am used to this kind of flack from my dad, he prefers Burger King over a risotto, with a side of salad. But it kept going…”It seems like you come up with the greatest recipes, but it never turns out.” The words came off his tongue like fire out of a dragon’s mouth. NEVER?!?! They turn out all the time! I thought. He kept talking, “Do you just not fallow the recipe? What’s the deal?” Lucky I kept my cool until my mom reminded him that he came into the kitchen looking for a paint brush, not to lay into me about messing up 4 cups of perfectly good flour.
I sure every chef has that one person in their lives that likes to point out everything that goes wrong in their food. In my case it’s my dad.
Any way, making stir fry for dinner, one of my dad’s favorite dinners. Hopefully he’ll like it, but probably not.

I will survive!!!

Much love,


  1. "A shoulder bump for guys is worth like 6 months of therapy…" For the record, your food is AMAZING! Your Dad is just weird. Visions of chocolate mousse, peppermint ice cream, and prosciutto pasta are waltzing in my head. You rock with food & don't you forget it!! =)

  2. ummm… so, sometimes that's what dads are for… in a strange sort of way… Does it not compell you to try, try again:)…. it doesn't mean they are right….. just think of it as a personal motivator of sorts…. ;)Anyway… who cares! You post wonderful recipies all the time! Just look at your blog! Amazing and Fantastic!!! Make a single recipie version of your cake again to get your confidence up! 🙂 YOU'RE A FABULOUS COOK! Remember…. You can't become proficient until you make mistakes and fail…. it's how we learn to be great! love ya!

  3. 😦 Don't let anyone bring you down girlie! Being successful doesn't mean you never fail. :)PS) Your lemon pound cake would blow ANY of my attempts out of the water. hehe! 😛

  4. All you dear wonderful girls,Thank you SO SO SO much, you all are so encouraging to me! Wow. Thank you! You are right, I need to view my dad as a critic, not a food enemy, he tells me he doesn't like it: I work my tail off so that he does.And I made the stir-fry for dinner and he loved it, that was awesome! Thank you all again, you make me want to go into the kitchen and make something amazing!! It's people like you that keep up this blog. -M.E.

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